Online press

Develop the internal linking of your site to refine natural referencing (SEO) and transform your occasional readers into loyal subscribers

Increase natural referencing (SEO) by exploiting your editorial value

Automatically add qualitative links to your articles:

  • More like this links on the same topic
  • Backlinks from archives to new articles
  • Link pages (tag pages) via the identification of relevant keywords

This makes it possible to improve the internal linking (average number of clicks to reach any article on your site), an important criteria for natural referencing.

Our solution is available as an API and can be integrated into any editorial or Web CMS solution.

Several native connectors are available, notably for WordPress.

Encourage your readers to subscribe by offering them more relevant content

Adding qualitative links to your site encourages your readers to consult more content (30% raise noted): our AI solution is able to determine the main topic of each article and propose articles in the reader’s interest.

The relevant keywords identified in the content of the articles can be used in Paywall solutions to optimize your subscription journeys.

Automated classification helps ensure that your articles are presented in the correct category. Our solution is pre-trained on the IPTC classification and can be adapted to your own classification system.

Use case

Logo BnF

The National Library of France uses our solution Semantic Platform to semantically enrich more than 35 million archives of news articles resulting from a digitization flow.

Our solution is used to categorize and identify places, people, organizations entities of articles.

Logo Le Point

Le Point uses our solution Semantic Platform to create more like this links, tag pages and to automatically categorize articles on the site. The solution saved time and productivity, optimized SEO and improved the reader experience. Discover Le Point testimony here.

Logo Gerbeaud

Gerbeaud uses our Semantic Platform solution to create relevant further reading links between articles on the site, via integration with their propriet

En Contact uses our solution Semantic Platform to create more like this links, by an integration with their proprietary CMS.

Our solutions

More like this links

Semantic Platform performs a semantic analysis of the publisher’s articles in order to reconcile articles that speak of the same subject.

When a new article is created, we analyze the publisher’s article database to suggest the appropriate articles.

This saves a lot of time for the journalist and also makes it possible to put together older articles that he no longer has in mind.

It is possible to configure the maximum duration over which to resend archives.

Keyword identification

Our solution automatically identifies places, people and organizations that are in the text.

It can work by semantic analysis, without lists of authorities, allowing new keywords to be discovered automatically.

It can also use lists of keywords that have been created beforehand.

Finally, other types of keywords can be detected depending on the customer’s needs.

Classification of articles

Our artificial intelligence automatically classifies your articles in the IPTC classification system.

It can be adapted if you use another classification system.

The classification error rate is lower than that of a human (less than 5%).