Increase the reliability of your product data to improve your natural referencing, your conversion rate and reduce your logistic returns

Save time and increase relevance thanks to classification by Semantic Platform

Incredible precision: success rate higher than a manual classification!

API: can be integrated into any PIM or MDM solution

Several connectors available including Akeneo PIM

Engage your customers and refine your SEO thanks to the description created by GenAI

Descriptions generated from product characteristics

Original content for better SEO performance

Our specialists create the ideal product description

Quickly create your catalog thanks to data collection by Content Studio

Tailor-made product database with accessible web data

Up to 50% of time saved on the creation of a product

Direct connection to your PIM or your content creation tool

Calculate ROI of our solutions

Use case

Logo Cultura

Cultura uses Semantic Platform to automatically classify its catalog: this solution freed up the time of product marketing teams and reduced the classification error rate from 10% to less than 5%

Logo Mister Auto

Mister Auto uses GenAI to present to visitors and search engines a text that appears to be written by a human: SEO has been improved and user confidence in products increased

Logo Albatha Group

Albatha Group uses Content Studio to speed up the production of products: data collection from the web has made it possible to create new products in the catalog twice as fast

Our solutions

Semantic Platform

The result of 3 years of R&D, our classifier uses machine learning to organize your catalog quickly and reliably

Its implementation consists in creating a classification model on your category system

Its integration is carried out either by calling our API or by using native connectors, for Akeneo PIM for example

It adapts to the evolution of your catalog over time through continuous learning


This solution makes it possible to generate a variety of texts, a guarantee of quality SEO and acquired reassurance

For a given type of product, we create with you the ideal product description

We set up the corresponding generation model, with variations in vocabulary, sentences, …

The generated texts are obtained via a dedicated API or by the import functions of your PIM solution

Content Studio

We determine with you the criteria for collecting on the web product information corresponding to your catalog

The tool provides a product database adapted to your references

A search interface allows you to quickly find the starting elements to produce your own version

We can connect it to your PIM solution to bring the selected content directly to it.