Whether it is around our SaaS solutions or for a specific need, our service offer, which has been running for 10 years now, will meet your support needs


Advice, decision support

Do you need support in making a technical, functional or organisational decision?

Our specialised consultants can assist you in carrying out an audit, a study or in identifying and evaluating methodological, functional and technical solutions

Some examples of typical services

  • Functional and technical assessment of an internal solution in order to measure the indebtedness or to ensure the good adequacy of the solution with your current and future needs
  • Market study of existing solutions to meet a need before deciding to carry out a custom development
  • Obtain organisational or methodological recommendations to determine the processes best suited to your organisation

AMOA, framing
and design

You have decided to launch a project and need help in expressing your needs, formalising them, framing them or getting an outside view?

Our methodology as Business Analyst has been proven on numerous missions and consists of :

  • formalise the existing situation
  • gathering needs through interviews and workshops
  • analyse and frame these needs
  • define the features needed to meet them
  • Produce mock-ups that allow you to project yourself into the solution
  • identify the technical constraints of your information system

We can then assist you in choosing the service providers who will develop the solution and monitor the development and deployment of the solution you have chosen

Some examples of typical services

  • collection, framing and formalization of the need for the implementation of a multi-channel CMS and an editorial website
  • user interviews to identifyquick winsto be implemented on an existing solution to improve both productivity and adoption of a solution

and evolution
of the content IS

Do you want to undertake structural changes to your information system and ensure its sustainability?

Our specialised consultants can assist you in various aspects:

  • urbanisation and mapping of your information system
  • technical-functional alignment
  • creating a modernisation or debt reduction path for your information system

Some examples of typical services

  • mapping of an IS with breakdown by business areas, analysis of business constraints and definition of a modernisation path for editorial tools


Do you need training in our expertise?

Our targeted training offer is adapted to the context of our clients

  • We get to know your own issues and problems, we define with you the profile of the trainees as well as the educational objectives to be achieved
  • These elements are integrated into the practical exercises, which are tailored to suit your needs
  • The training courses take place at your premises, or in Lyon, at our premises
  • ContentSide is a training organisation registered under the number 11755925575 with the DIRECCTE Ile de France (this registration is not equivalent to state approval)
  • Our organisation is DataDocked, which makes it easier for your OPCO to cover the costs

Some examples of typical services

  • CMS basics for a newspaper publisher
  • Good documentary practice

Project management and supervision

Do you need project management support or do you want to make your team more agile to ensure the success of a project?

Our Product Owners, Business Analysts and Scrum Masters are experienced and quickly operational, on short or long term assignments

They can also assist you with methodological and process aspects:

  • agility and continuous improvement
  • organisation of the development cycle
  • good development practices

Our speakers are certified: Scrum Master (PSM I), SAFe Agilist, ITIL

Some examples of typical services

  • Product Owner on the development of a new editorial portal
  • Scrum Master on the creation of a new legal documentation portal
  • Organisation of a development teamwith implementation of Scrum practices

Tailor-made development

Do you want to have your own solution created, as no tool on the market is suitable for your needs?

Our 2 Java fullstack and PHP fullstack teams, who have been working on your themes for 10 years now, will help you develop the solution best suited to your needs

Our R&D team of 2 researchers can also be involved in innovation projects

We work with development ecosystems dedicated to your needs

  • Java and Kotlin with Spring or Micronaut
  • Javascript with ReactJS, AngularJS or Node.js
  • PHP with Symfony, Laravel and API Platform
  • Structured editors Fonto XML, Oxygen

Some examples of typical services

  • development of a back-office for the production and distribution of press and publishing content
  • development of an automatic import and enrichment system for content flows