Semantic Platform


Semantic Platform automates the following tasks:

  • document classification
  • keyword extraction
  • creation of similarity links between documents

Our artificial intelligence is the result of a research and development project of European scope, we have created algorithms to achieve excellent results, with high speed, ease of use and integration.

Several connectors are available to accelerate the integration of Semantic Platform:


We support you on each step of the implementation of the solution:

  • creation of the machine learning classification model and configuration
  • configuration of keyword extraction (white list / black list) and similarity links (thresholds)
  • integration of the solution into your IT environment
  • training and support


The ContentSide Semantic Platform API is extremely easy to use.

Compliance with REST principles allows rapid specific integration.

The technical documentation in Open API format is available at this address.

The connector for Akeneo is described at this address.



GenAI creates product descriptions from the specifications.

Below is an example of text generated from a table of TV characteristics (the text in blue corresponds to the characteristics):

Caractéristiques d'un téléviseur
Texte descriptif généré pour le téléviseur

GenAI uses a much more advanced rule system than usual templating systems:

  • the generated vocabulary is adapted according to the values of the characteristics
  • synonyms are used randomly
  • the order of the sentences can also be modified according to the characteristics or randomly

This considerably improves SEO (the more the text changes from one product to another, the more it will be considered original by the search engines) and the user thinks that the text was written by a human, this which reassures him in his act of purchase.


We support you on each step of the implementation of the solution:

  • identification of the types of product in your catalog for which the generation is the most interesting
  • creation of an ideal product sheet for each type of product
  • definition of text generation variations
  • implementation of the model in our solution
  • provision of the solution in the form of a REST web service or by enrichment of a CSV / Excel spreadsheet

Content Studio


Content Studio allows you to build a database of product descriptions retrieved from the web (scraping) and offers a selection and editing tool to send the data to your PIM solution or your content writing solution.

Search in the product description base, display of the selected product:

Editing of the selected description and sending to the PIM solution for creation of the clean version of the product sheet:


We support you on each step of the implementation of the solution:

  • identification of the source sites from which you want to retrieve the product descriptions
  • constitution of the database of product descriptions
  • setting up the tool with connection to your PIM solution (or setting up a file export)
  • setting up a recurring scraping if necessary