Research & development

Make your data valuable

Our activities

Research and development as part of several projects

Provide client accompaniment to build innovative solutions

Build an industrial product


We have actively contributed in several French and Europeans research projects

Our intervention scope

Semantic Web

Intelligent design makes your data more meaningful. We use powerful description languages for knowledge engineering. Based on that, we build data management systems that help you to check data consistency, ensure data integrity, and perform reasoning.

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing (NLP) is the ability of a computer program to understand human language as it is spoken/written. Through its own Research activities, ConentSide develops core technologies and the majority of its own products based on NLP. Using complex computing algorithms, we develop services that can process language and provide answers and results in real time.

Machine Learning

We develop machine learning based solutions truly adapted to your needs. Our research team provides expertise in several application domains. ContentSide solutions are built on top of highly scalable and distributed solutions for real-time processing.

Our partnership

We built collaborative partnerships with several actors from industry and academia. We are working together to develop new products as part of several European projects. We were behind the PAPUD (Profiling and Analysis Platform Using Deep Learning) European project. The goal of PAPUD is to develop innovative products built on top of Deep Learning based algorithms. We are constantly working to develop a positive and productive partnership. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

R&D Team Leader

Our research activities are leaded by Dr. Samir Amir who obtained PhD degree in Computer Science from Lille University of Sciences and Technologies in 2011. Samir Spent more than 7 years at CNRS where he was involved in Several European research projects (ex : CAM4Home, MIDAS) and a Chairs of Excellence related to artificial intelligence. Samir has published several papers in journals, book chapters and international conferences.  He also took part to several program committees (ex :< ISC2, <CSWS, IJWET, COSI, ….). Based on his a strong experience in artificial intelligence, Samir is leading the research activities as part of his work at Press’ Innov.  He is also one of the PAPUD project initiators in which he is playing the role of Workpackage leader.

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