Online publishing

Build your SEO and recruit subscribers by offering more articles, with more relevant links

Improve your website internal linking to improve your SEO, increase page views and encourage your readers to subscribe

Automatically add qualitative links to your articles:

This allows to improve the mesh, thus the average number of clicks to reach any page of the site, a determining criterion for natural referencing

Adding quality links to your site encourages your readers to visit more content ( 30% increase): Semantic Platform, ContentSide's AI solution, is able to determine the main topic of each article and suggest articles in the reader's area of interest

Semantic Platform is available as an API and can be integrated with any editorial solution or web CMS

Semantic Platform features several native connectors, including for WordPress, SWYP, Melody and HeySquid.

Offer more relevant content to your readers by intelligently leveraging your archives

Automatically realign your archives, even very old ones, with your current website:

  • Classification in the current sections of the site
  • Identification of keywords for link pages
  • Links / backlinks from / to recent similar articles

The Semantic Platform is capable of processing millions of records and its unmatched accuracy rate means that manual verification of processing is no longer necessary

The solution is fully customizable for your needs, different keyword dictionaries can be used and specific rules implemented

The processing is done on an export of your archives from your editorial software, which we return to you enriched for reimport

Use cases

BnF logo

The French National Library uses Semantic Platform to semantically enrich more than 35 million press article archives from a digitization workflow.

Le Point logo

Le Point uses Semantic Platform to create follow-on links, page tags and to automatically rank articles on its site. This has allowed them to save time and productivity, optimize SEO and improve the reader experience. Read the Le Point testimonial here.

And discover in this article the impact of the solution on the website internal linking and the behaviour of readers with a year's hindsight.

Gerbeaud logo

Gerbeaud uses SemanticPlatform to create relevant follow-on links between articles on the site, via an integration with their proprietary CMS.

En Contact uses Semantic Platform to create follow-on links, via an integration with their proprietary CMS.

Our solutions

Suggested similar content

Semantic Platform performs a semantic analysis of all the articles in order to bring together those dealing with the same subject.

Identification of keywords

Semantic Platform automatically identifies the places, people and organizations that are in the text.

Classification of items

Semantic Platform automatically classifies your articles in the IPTC classification system.