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Arnaud Dumont - Financial Director


Semantic Platform Product Manager

Hélène Jacquenet - General Manager


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Our values

Expertise : For 13 years, we have been specialists in content engineering. We work on strategic projects for clients whose main activity is strongly linked to content. Based on this expertise, we have developed SaaS solutions around this specialization

listening: beyond our consulting and support services, which involve listening, it is a general attitude at ContentSide, we study all your problems to find together the best solution

Trust: trust cannot be decreed, it is the result of an attitude based on transparency, openness and a positive attitude, which we have cultivated since the beginning and which allows us to work with our first clients even today

Innovation: to meet our customers' current challenges, we must constantly innovate and keep up to date with technological developments. Every year, we spend more than 20% of our time on research and development


ContentSide set up a research and development department in 2015, our doctors work on language processing and data analysis and participate in the development of our SaaS solutions

Thanks to Semantic Platform, ContentSide features in the 2024 edition of AI startup mapping

ContentSide is a member of the Hub France IA association, which acts to collectively spread responsible AI by leading strategic reflections on innovation, regulation and ethics.

We have been a member of Cap Digital since 2013, and participate in the events proposed by the digital transition cluster and in collaborative projects such as PAPUD

We are also members of Systematic, the deep tech cluster

ContentSide is part of French Tech, is regularly listed in FrenchWeb's FW500 ranking and favours the use of French Tech solutions


ambition sme logo
ContentSide was selected in 2020 to participate in the Ambition PME programme of the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region with a view to raising funds to accelerate its development
Our training programme has obtained the DataDock label, guaranteeing a rigorous training methodology and quality

Inop's enables VSEs to address the markets of large public or private accounts and selects its partners with rigour, we are partners since 2013
We commissioned an external firm to carry out a customer satisfaction audit, which resulted in a seal of excellence
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Our employees are happy to work for us, as evidenced by the Happy@Work label!

History of the company


in the face of the Covid-19 crisis, ContentSide accelerates its transformation into a SaaS provider, with success!

2018-2019NEW AREAS

after having extended its offer to large institutions and other content management players, Press' Innov becomes ContentSide, a multi-sector content specialist

2014-2015Structuring and innovation

Press' Innov wins its 10th customer and creates a Research and Development department with the aim of offering more innovative solutions


Arnaud Dumont created Press' Innov, an ESN specialising in content for the news and legal publishing industries, with the aim of offering a complete range of consulting and development services