Lextenso implements an innovative structured editorial production tool with ContentSide

ContentSidea specialist in the use of artificial intelligence for content management, has been chosen by Lextenso, one of the leading French legal publishing groups, to carry out a complete overhaul of its periodical management and editorial production platform.

With more than 3,000 authors and 250 employees, Lextenso is one of the main players in legal publishing and services in France. Lextenso is also the leading publisher of legal books and journals. Among its brands: Gazette du Palais, Petites Affiches, Joly, Defrénois, LGDJ, Gualino, etc.

Lextenso's objective is to modernise and optimise the management and editorial production platform for periodicals. The group, knowing ContentSide's ability to listen and analyse, naturally turned to the latter. The project, which will go into production in April 2021, is designed to simplify the work of some thirty editorial and production staff and to guarantee the editorial performance of the Lextenso group.

After an in-depth analysis and the drafting of a complete specification by Lextenso, ContenSide proceeds in several stages:

  1. Detailed analysis of the state of play and of all the needs expressed
  2. Co-construction of the application via workshops
  3. Delivery in iterations, with detailed specifications and partial recipes for each batch
  4. Migration of data to the new solution
  5. Checking the regular operation of the platform

The new platform, developed on the basis of the XML editing software Fonto, allows a different organisation of information to facilitate the daily work of editorial offices and secretariats, while improving the automation of editorial management and production processes.

"We need modern but simple, robust and easy-to-maintain technologies, despite a wide range of functions; above all, we attach great importance to the ergonomics of the proposed solutions to ensure acceptance by non-technical users and the efficiency of everyone in the document creation and multi-media publication processes. ContentSide has responded to our specifications in a clever and precise manner, with a competent and open-minded team", says Jean-Philippe Pinsar, Director of Production and Editorial IT at Lextenso.

"The central object of this solution is the article, which is produced from its creation to its publication. The precise structuring of articles makes it possible to isolate enriched portions of content, such as sidebars, which form part of an article, while having their own authors. The functional detail attached to each structuring element allows Lextenso to compose articles, batches and publications in its own way, and then publish them directly on the web or in a printed PDF", explainsHélène Jacquenet, COO at 

The main benefits identified by Lextenso are the following:  

  • 35-40% time saving compared to the old platform.
  • Better interface ergonomics, very easy to use solution: the number of clicks to perform daily actions has been considerably reduced.
  • More efficient structuring of content: support for native XML ensures data integrity throughout the preparation process while respecting business constraints.

Alerts sent to the user: these allow the user to follow the evolution of the status of an article, the reception of a layout, or the progress of the publication of an article.

Discover below the video testimony of Lextenso:

About ContentSide ContentSide

ContentSide is a SaaS provider of automatic semantic text analysis solutions. It specialises in structured textual content management and is also known for its customised development of business applications, particularly for the publishing industry.

Founded in 2010 and with offices in Lyon and Paris, ContentSide also supports and advises its clients in its areas of expertise: the production, organisation, structuring and multi-channel distribution of information content.

Main references: Hachette, LexisNexis France, Lextenso, AFNOR, Bayard, 20 Minutes, Le Point, Cultura, Mister Auto, Disneyland Paris, CEA...

About Lextenso Lextenso

With more than 3,000 authors and 250 employees, Lextenso is the leading provider of legal formalities in France and the leading publisher of legal notices in Paris and the Ile de France region.

Lextenso is also the leading publisher of legal books with 360 works per year under the LGDJ and Gualino brands, and 25 legal reviews, both paper and digital, Defrénois, Gazette de Palais or Joly and above all the Lextenso.fr database.

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