ContentSide initiates a European project!

PAPUD_ContentSideToday, the world is experiencing a "data deluge" due to the large number of autonomous and heterogeneous sources (social networks, Internet of Things, real-time news, etc.). This data, regardless of its origin, is of crucial importance for industry as well as for the quality of life.

The nature and size of heterogeneous data creates multidimensional complexity. Exploiting complex large-scale data requires a deep analysis of all features while ensuring scalability. In this context, Deep Learning, which has brought undeniable improvements for several artificial intelligence applications, is one of the most promising approaches.

ContentSide initiates European project

At ContentSide, we are always on the lookout for new techniques to improve the quality of our services. Our data scientists are already using Deep Learning to develop intelligent applications. Beyond that, our experience has been the driving force behind the European PAPUD (Profiling and Analysis Platform Using Deep Learning) project. Indeed, ContentSide was the initiator of PAPUD which attracted the interest of several European partners. In all, more than 20 partners decided to join us!

PAPUD: an innovative collaborative project

In the framework of the ITEA (Information Technology for European Advancement) programme, a consortium of 21 partners from 6 European countries (France, Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Portugal and Romania) was formed. Thus, we worked on an innovative proposal including several use cases around the use of Deep Learning for text mining. The introduced use cases cover several domains such as telecommunication (partners: Ericsson and Turk Telekom), media (partners: ContentSide and Pertimm) and e-government (partner: Softeam). The experimental work will be supported by a theoretical study provided by academic partners (e.g. ITM, Université Catholique de Louvain). With its Big Data services platform, Atos-Bull offers us an HPC environment to ensure a capacity for scaling up and real-time processing.

In a very selective context, PAPUD obtained the European ITEA label and the Systematic Paris-Region label, which contributed to placing us in a very good position to obtain the ministerial grant.

Expertise and leadership

Within the PAPUD project, COntentSide brings its expertise as a technology provider and leader of a Workpackage ! We will provide technologies around artificial intelligence and we will lead a working group composed of about 15 partners.

We believe that this type of project can advance the world of intelligence in computing, but more than that, we believe that it can create needs and solutions.

We find here the DNA of CotentSide which is to invest in research and innovation in order to bring THE added value that the followers of content management are waiting for: like improving the scraping techniques already studied at Press' Innov; or identifying in an automatic way the concepts of a specific business in a data flow.

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