Clubic: the media for new technologies

Clubic is an independent media outlet that covers tech news and shares its expertise on new technologies. We cover a wide range of topics, including computers, video games, cars and news from streaming platforms...

Clubic's articles are designed to support readers by informing them about the arrival of a product, advising them on a purchase, or helping them use a device.


Clubic wanted to improve the internal linking of its website by automatically adding follow-me links between articles. 

The need then evolved, as ContentSide was called in again to make some 100,000 articles visible on the site, representing some ten years of editorial production. These articles were invisible because the site's rubric had evolved. 

ContentSide solutions

To meet Clubic's needs, ContentSide proposed the use of several Semantic Platform features:

  • Follow-on links to create high-quality internal links between new products
  • Automatic classification of 100,000 archive items 

After these treatments, Clubic was able to reintegrate ten years of editorial production into its website and obtain a qualitative internal link. 

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