Enhance and enrich your archives: gain visibility with content already online

Your online press site is regularly enriched with new articles that you design and write with care. Why not give the same attention to your archives? 

It's not unusual for their readership to decline over time. There are several reasons for this:

  • A change of editorial line, which would have pushed the usual readership towards other news websites,
  • A revision of the classification plan, which contributes to the degradation of your site's internal mesh, 
  • A progressive and structural evolution of the keywords used by journalists, reducing the number of queries leading to your archives.

The decline in the number of readers of older articles may seem insignificant, but it is not without consequence. Indeed, these archives often represent years of work that are no longer valued, not least because of the progressive gap between the archives and the more current articles on the website.

If you want your articles to appear in the first results pages of a search engine, you need to adopt an SEO strategy. In this way, all Internet users formulating a popular query can easily reach your website. However, it's impossible to be on the first page of search engines for all queries related to all your content. That's why, in addition, it's highly recommended to rely on the long tail. This represents the share of keywords which, individually, generate less traffic, but taken as a whole, give rise to the majority of traffic on a website (up to 80%!).

When you choose to upgrade your archives, you're also investing in your website's long tail!

However, the first step is to upgrade your archives. To do this, you can re-categorize your entire archive in your current classification scheme, enrich it semantically or recreate a good internal mesh with more recent articles in particular. However, undertaking these tasks yourself requires a considerable investment of time and energy, which is probably more urgently needed elsewhere.

Fortunately, there's a more effective solution: artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is capable of automatically or semi-automatically upgrading your archives, so that your website is better referenced by search engines, receives more traffic andimproves the user experience .

Artificial intelligence can process a large volume of archives, much faster than a human, with consistent quality. It is also possible to combine this archive upgrading with a overhaul of the filing plan to bring out the full potential of your content!

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