Designing a classification plan: using artificial intelligence to make your content more accessible

Defining a good classification plan is essential for a website, especially a press site. It facilitates user navigation while reflecting the central themes being developed. It must therefore be organized in a clear and intuitive way. The layout also has a significant impact on search engine optimization. 

Most of the time, websites apply one of these methods:

  • Editorial approach: the editorial team chooses which themes to highlight, based on its perception of the editorial offering, 
  • SEO approach: these are the themes expected by search engines,
  • A mixture of both.

In some cases, press publishers choose to create a content-oriented classification plan, i.e. they identify the main themes by analyzing existing editorial production to deduce the corresponding headings.

This last method is ideal because it meets all the requirements of a filing plan:

  • Clarity and accessibility: indexed content is directly visible on the home page,
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): sections and their content are linked by semantic consistency, optimizing SEO funnels,
  • Reader experience: navigation paths are clear and content is correctly identified, 
  • Logical organization : every piece of content has its place in a single section.

For a long time, however, it required a considerable investment of time - up to several months - and money. Indeed, a document engineering specialist had to propose an analysis of all content in order to identify the subjects addressed and group them into categories.

Today, artificial intelligence makes it easier and more widespread to use this method. It is possible to combine the use of semantic technologies with theexpertise of a document engineeringspecialist.

Artificial intelligence automatically performs an initial rough draft, and very quickly at that. This means that a filing plan can be put in place in a much shorter timeframe, i.e. in less than a month, but also at a much lower cost. This allows us to maintain a high level of quality and standards, similar to entirely manual work.

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