How to be an actor of your professional digital identity?

Girlz In Web Conference - ContentSide

How to be an actor of your professional digital identity?

Hélène Jacquenet, our expert in information monitoring and research, is pleased to host a conference for the Girlz in Web Lyon network

Tuesday 5 February at 6.30 p.m. at our offices in Lyon - 23 boulevard Jules Favre

How to be an actor of your professional digital identity?
ContentSide regularly supports and participates in events organised by Girlz In WebA network that aims to promote women in digital.
During this conference, Hélène will answer various questions:

  • What is behind the notion of identity?
  • What is the impact of digital technology on our identity?
  • What strategy should you adopt to take control of your professional digital identity?

This conference will be interactive with exchanges and many tips for the participants!

Hélène's talk is aimed at all professionals, men and women, who have questions about their identity on the web, the distinction between personal and professional identity, how to be coherent and master of their digital image!

The subject will be particularly relevant for people in charge of marketing and communication in their company and for those whose professional activity is often limited to their own identity: self-employed, consultant, expert, freelancer, etc.

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Hélène Jacquenet has a PhD in information and communication sciences. Her thesis focuses on collaborative work tools and more specifically on Enterprise Social Networks. She has also led the Lyon regional delegation of the ADBS, an association of information professionals, for several years.

Hélène provides ContentSide with expertise missions on subjects related to, among others, :

  • Digital identity and e-reputation: How to monitor and manage your image and brand on the web?
  • How web search engines work: How to use them? What are the best practices, depending on your activity and objectives?
  • Monitoring: How to set up an effective monitoring system?
  • Information retrieval: How to quickly access information relevant to one's business?

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